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Uniforms are a great way to show unity of staff, teams, and organizations. They are also a great way to show customers and followers that your organization is consistent and reliable if provided to employees, staff, and agents as branding assets. If you manage uniforms for a school, a public agency, a sports team, a restaurant or hotel, medical or dental office, or a package delivery service, then you know that keeping clean uniforms in stock for new recruits is essential to keeping up team spirit, staff productivity, and organizational efficiency.

Knowing that uniforms are essential to making a great impression, at Get the Funk Out, we take great care to ensure uniforms are clean, crisp, and pristine. Your uniforms will be in good hands from the moment we pick them up to the moment we drop them off.

When your uniform laundry arrives at our laundromat, we use high-quality detergents to get the funk (and stains and spots) out. We use high quality dryer sheets, promptly remove items and gently fold or hang items to minimize and prevent wrinkles. Your staff will appreciate the care you take in their uniforms, and so will customers who see your staff is appropriately and professionally dressed.

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