Commercial Medical Laundry Services in and near Boise, ID

If you run a healthcare facility, you need a reliable laundry service that can handle your medical linens and patient gowns. Whether you have a hospital, a long-term care center, or a private practice, patients and their families expect clean and sanitized bedding, towels, gowns; and staff expect pristine uniforms and lab coats. That’s why you should choose Get the Funk Out Laundromat, the best laundry service for healthcare facilities.

We use high-grade detergents and spot treatments to remove stains and disinfect your linens and garments. We also use softeners and dryer sheets to make them soft and fresh. Your patients deserve to feel comfortable and safe in your facility. They don’t want to see spots or discoloration on their bedding or gowns, which can make them doubt your care and hygiene. Your staff also deserve to wear clean and neat uniforms and lab coats, which can boost their morale and professionalism. By choosing Get the Funk Out Laundromat, you can ensure that your linens and robes are always clean and ready for use.

Spare your own equipment and staff time on laundry. Call us today for expert commercial laundry services perfect for medical offices and facilities.

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Get the Funk Out Laundromat is a commercial laundry service that picks up and delivers laundry in and near Boise, ID: Boise, Boise Bench, Caldwell, Eagle, Garden City, Meridian, Nampa, Southeast Boise, and West Boise.